What to Do For Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems and starts at adolescence period. Physical and hormonal changes during adolescence cause various skin problems. Most common is the acne formation.

On our skin surface there are a lot of tiny ducts. Secretions created by wens underneath the skin can be discharged from these ducts. But if these ducts are closed, this causes accumulation of dirt and secretions. Bacteria on skin surface settle in these ducts to be fed with these accumulated dirt and secretions and this causes inflammation. By this way, acne forms.

When young people begin puberty, hormonal changes occur in their bodies. Body begins to produce more testosterone. Wens create more secretion with the increase of this hormone. Even some people produce testosterone at a normal level, their wens may be sensitive to this hormone and even so their body may produce more secretions. These wen secretions accumulated within the pores cause intense formation of acnes in adolescents. Beginning in puberty period, this problem may continue for a life time. Acne may be originated from cosmetic reasons or medical problems. For women, conditions such as menstrual irregularity, ovarian cyst formation, type 2 diabetes trigger acne formation. Therefore, before beginning an acne treatment, it is necessary to investigate the reasons well.

The most effective way of preventing acnes formed due to cosmetic reasons is to keep your skin clean. You can get rid of dirt and makeup residues accumulated within pores by washing your face properly in the morning and at night. If you have oily skin, you can prevent excessive oil formation by choosing cleansing products suitable for your skin type. Pay attention that these products are not comedogenic, in other words which do not clog your pores. However, unduly washing or drying your skin may disturb moisture balance. Extremely dry skin may cause acnes, redness, irritation and skin rash. For this reason, it is essential to restore lost moisture for your skin.

Frequently touching your face also cause increase in acne formation. Bacteria on your hand pass on your face and this cause increase in acne formation. Squeezing pimples also cause increase in acne formation. By squeezing pimples, you may cause the bacteria accumulated within pores to spread over your face.  Furthermore, scar probability is very high after squeezing pimples on your face.

Peelings and facial masks which are chosen in accordance with your skin type help to cleanse your pores. Regularly using these products as twice a week, enables to open pores. Doing too much makeup everyday may also cause acne problems. By avoiding heavy make-up and cleansing your skin with effective products after makeup, you can prevent clogging of your pores.

Sunlight and feeding habits are effective factors for formation of acnes. Harmful rays emitted by the sun cause acnes and sunspots on skin. You can prevent this problem by applying sunscreen with high sun protection factor (SPF) on your face.  You can keep your body robust by choosing healthy food rather than fatty foods.  Most important formation reason of acne is accumulation of residue oil within pores. You can prevent acne formation by balancing fat content in your nutrition and eating healthy foods. Drinking plenty of water during the day is good both for your skin and body. If you forget to drink water, you can remind yourself by placing reminders to various places at your home and on your desk at your office.   

For acne problems occur due to medical reasons, you should consult to your physician. Your physician will advise most appropriate treatment for you after investigating the reasons causing acne formation.

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