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Skin problems burden patients both psychologically and physically. Troubled skin may adversely affect patients’ self-confidence of in their daily life. However thanks to professional skin care you can overcome most of your problems. AP Clinique applies most effective methods for your skin problems with latest treatment methods and experienced staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which skin types can be treated with the fractionated micro-needling?
For which indications is the micro-needling method with DermaPen particularly suitable?
What needs to be considered before treatment?
What needs to be taken into account after treatment with fractionated micro-needling and is there downtime?
How should I care for my skin after a professional micro-needling RF treatment at AP Clinique?
When are the first results visible?
How often should the fractionated microneedling be performed at AP Clinique and how long does the effect last?
How long will the treatment take?
What effects does the BB Glow have?
Is the treatment painful, how does it work and how long does it take?
What should I pay attention to after treatment and is there a downtime?
How many treatments are needed and how long does the effect last?
Which types of skin and hair can be treated with diode laser hair removal?
What needs to be done before and after every permanent hair removal?
Are the hair directly gone after the laser treatment?
When can experts refuse treatment?

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