Crystal Clear Skin with Peeling

Peeling is an efficient treatment, which is applied to remove dead cells and deeply clean skin pores. AP Clinique provides effective results in peeling treatments with different formulas for different skin types.

Procedure Videos

Matrigen Peeling

Matrigen peeling application enables activation of tissues under skin. Oil and dirt impurities accumulated within pores are removed by peeling process. By this way, your skin breathes and formations of acne and blackhead are prevented by purifying the skin pores. Peeling treatment not only cleans the pores but also firms the skin and provides a smooth skin look.

Matrigen Carboxy CO2 Snow Therapy

Matrigen Carboxy CO2 Snow Therapy is a non-invasive and needle-free process, which is different than other carboxy therapies. The aim of carboxy therapy is to apply more CO2 in lower layers of skin. This process provides much more oxygen flow to this section, cells breathe and functions of these cells are regulated. Matrigen Carboxy CO2 Snow Therapy helps to remove scars, relaxes skin, restores skin elasticity and reduces pore size.

Matrigen B-Tox Peeling

Matrigen professional peel products make your skin more radiant and deeply purify your pores. With Matrigen B-Tox peel application collagen and elastin formation increases and skin renews itself. Matrigen B-Tox peel can be applied to various skin types such as dry, oily and dull skin.

pHformula Peeling

As distinct from other peel products, it is not applied on skin surface. Because of this feature, peeling, skin eruption and redness are not seen after peel process. pHformula has special products for different skin types, thus effects of peel process are more intense and last more.
pHformula applications are applied in packages. This package includes products that will be used before, during and after peel process. pHformula is distinct from other peel products, because it is not only used for cosmetic purposes but also for therapeutic purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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