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Extend Your Skin’s Health

AP Clinique enables you to maintain your skin health care also at home thanks to its home care products. With home care products to be used after the treatments performed at our clinic, you can maintain your skin’s perfect look for a long time.

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Matrigen Anti-Aging Home Care

With Matrigen's anti-aging serums you can do your facial in the comfort of your own home and you can cure signs of aging on your face without the need of major operations. With Matrigen Anti-Aging Serum you can get the necessary moisture for your skin while firming your aging lines.

Matrigen Ampoule

Matrigen Ampoules are products that are applicable in home and provide vitality and radiant glow skin without the need of major operations. Thanks to professional care that can be done in the comfort of your own home, you can provide vitamins, minerals and moisture for your dry, sensitive, damaged or oily skin. You can also use Matrigen Ampoule for smoothening irritations that can occur after processes such as microneedling.

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