Facial Cleansing

Deep Facial Cleansing

One of the best ways of preventing skin problems is to always keep the skin clean and purify pores periodically. AP Clinique offers regular facial cleansing treatments, which deep clean your face and protect your skin health.

Procedure Videos

CASMARA Facial Cleansing

Manufactured for each skin type and consisting of three stages, facial cleansers of CASMARA, deeply purify your skin pores. By cleansing dirt and residuals accumulated in your pores, formation of blackheads and acne is prevented and a smooth skin is provided. In addition, dead skin cells are removed and your skin looks fresh. Thanks to its vitamin and mineral content, CASMARA products, prevent moisture loss during facial cleansing.

pHformula Facial Cleansing

After purifying your skin from impurities such as makeup residues, blackheads and dirt together with pHformula’s facial cleansers manufactured suitable for all skin types, UV protection is provided with post care products and required vitamins and minerals are applied for skin’s own renewal.
Your skin pores are thoroughly purified from dead cells, makeup residues and fat deposits after the cleansing process applied by our expert staff our clinic. When your skin pores are purified deeply and opened up, your skin renewal is enabled and formation of blackhead and acne is prevented.

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