Facial Care

Smooth Skin with Professional Skin Care

Even if you do not have a medical or cosmetic condition on your face, you should take good care of your skin for protecting its health. With AP Clinique, you can keep your skin always smooth and healthy by benefiting from facial treatments specially prepared for your skin type.

Procedure Videos

Dr. Babor Pro Facial Care

At our clinic, we apply facial treatments of Dr. Babor Pro, which directs professional skin care with its vast knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Babor Pro products specially developed for each skin type, you can obtain the care you need without disrupting its structure.
Dr. Babor Pro professional facial treatment products manufactured for various skin types enable purification of skin pores and provide necessary moisture. The aim is to provide a healthy skin look with peeling, professional cleansing and final care performed during process.

CASMARA Facial Care

Thanks to CASMARA skin care peels applied at our clinic, your skin looks healthier and fresher. You can prevent the signs of aging and reduce the scars with different peeling options manufactured for various purposes. In addition, with cell restorer and intense care peel you can obtain the desired skin look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What processes does a Facial Care Application include?
What are the benefits of facial care for my skin?
Does the peeling applied during facial care cause my face to peel?

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